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SEASON 2020 - 2021

Director Audition Date
The Sociable Plover / Flying Ducks Tim Whitnall Andrea Parle Sunday 16th February @ 7pm
Punk Rock Simon Stephens Abbie Jones Wednesday 19th February @ 7pm
The Railway Children E Nesbitt / adpt by Mike Kenny Elizabeth Dunn Sunday 23rd February @ 7pm
The Games Afoot Ken Ludwig Geoff Sword Wednesday 26th February @ 7pm
1984 George Orwell / adpt by Matthew Dunster Stephen Davies Sunday 1st March @ 7pm
DNA Dennis Kelly Jon Walker Wednesday 4th March @ 7pm
Corpse Gerald Moon
Graham Humphreys
Wednesday 11th March @ 7pm

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We are not releasing the scripts this year. However they are available to be read at the theatre at the following times:

Wednesday (12th February) 7.00pm - 9.30pm Sunday (16th February) 9.30am - 12:00pm
Wednesday (19th February) 7.00pm - 9.30pm Sunday (23rd February) 9.30am - 12.00pm

We hope to you be able to come and join us for a read.


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Hangmen                             14th to 21st March 2020

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hangmen.jpgI'm just as good as bloody Pierrepoint.

In his small pub in Oldham, Harry is something of a local celebrity. But what's the second-best hangman in England to do on the day they've abolished hanging? Amongst the cub reporters and sycophantic pub regulars, dying to hear Harry's reaction to the news, a peculiar stranger lurks, with a very different motive for his visit.

Don't worry. I may have my quirks but I'm not an animal. Or am I? One for the courts to discuss.

Directed by Dave Eyre

The Play runs from Saturday 14/03/2020 to Saturday 21/03/2020 (excluding Sunday 15/03/2020).

Lighthearted Intercourse        21st to 25th April 2020

Just a year into marriage and with a young baby to care for, Joe is one of three million unemployed looking for work every day - when he’d much rather be spending time with his young wife, Madge. Both have secrets from their past that they are reluctant to share with each other, until an unexpected visitor appears who seems to know exactly what the future holds.

LIGHTHEARTED INTERCOURSE is a tender, funny and intimate portrayal of a young couple living in 1920s Bury, adjusting to married life and discussing their fears, anxieties and conflicting needs.

Directed by Steve Gill

The Play runs from Tuesday 21/04/2020 to Saturday 25/04/2020

Mr Wonderful         16th May to 23rd May 2020

Norma works in a factory and cares for her bedridden mother Phoebe who is on the verges of Alzheimer's. Norma is trying to find her Mr Wonderful through a dating agency. After several attempts she meets Geoff, who seems reputable, and they leave for a weekend away. Phoebe has been left Geoff's mobile; she accesses his messages, discovering his true nature. An unhappy occurrence for Norma frees her to take her lasting revenge. A great comedy with a dark twist.

Directed by Andrea Parle

The Play runs from Saturday 16/05/2020 to Saturday 23/05/2020 (excluding Sunday 17/05/2020).



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Choir Notice 1

New members always welcome. We are particularly looking to recruit basses and tenors. Email;

Choir Notice 2

Concerts Dates for spring 2020:  24th April at Edenfield Parish Church and 22nd May at Holcombe Emmanuel Church Hall.  Ask any choir member for details.