1. Membership fees are £60 per year or £30 per term, payable BY the first session of the year or term. Termly fees are not refundable, partial refunds of Annual fees will be considered in the light of circumstances and will be at the sole discretion of the Administrator. Should someone join a group during a term then there will be a pro rata reduction.

2. All members must complete a registration form that includes contact names and any medical or dietary information that may be of importance in an emergency.

3. Membership of each group is strictly limited. Anyone wishing to join once the membership for that term has been filled will have their name placed on a waiting list. People on the Waiting List will be invited to replace members who have left according to the year group they are in and their place on the Waiting List. (i.e. A Year 11 person leaves, they will usually be replaced by someone in the same school year). Preference will be given to existing members who are moving groups.

4. Regular attendance is expected and unless the group leaders have been given prior notice (and agreed), an absence of 3 consecutive weeks will lead to that member’s place being taken by someone from the waiting list.

5. Once a play is chosen for performance, or other performances are being arranged, advance written notice will be given of dates, rehearsals & any other requirements. Parents or guardians will be asked to give permission for their child’s involvement and agree to ensure full attendance.

6. As sessions could involve a variety of physical activities, suitable dress, rather than fashionable dress, is advised.

7. If the behaviour of any member is such as to cause the group leaders concern as to their commitment or general behaviour, or if a member puts fellow members in danger, then that member will be requested to leave the group immediately and will lose membership. Membership subscriptions would be forfeited as a result.

8. There will be no sweets or other foods allowed during sessions (medical reasons excepted). Chewing gum, etc., is banned at all times.

9. Mobile phones must be turned off and put away on arrival.

10. We are not a child minding service. Members must not bring friends to watch sessions, sessions are run for members only.

11. We encourage the involvement of parents & guardians in assisting with supervision of sessions in order to ensure that there are at least two adults present during sessions for security & safety reasons.

12. The Theatre Royal telephone number is 01706 826760

13. The postal address is Theatre Royal, Smithy Street, Ramsbottom BL0 9AT.

14. The e- mail address is

May 2016