Goodnight Mr Tom

Tom Oakley is an old widower who has been reclusive since his wife died during childbirth. He lives in a small village called Little Weirwold where the Second World War is just beginning to have a slight effect on all the peaceful inhabitants.
Almost out of the blue, a weak, sickly eight-year-old boy is billeted with Tom. Little William Beech is a frightened illiterate Londoner who was regularly beaten by his religious mother. At first Tom is very nervous about having someone else in his life, but as William settles into and starts to enjoy an idyllic life in the village, a close friendship develops between him and ‘Mister Tom’. Six months pass rapidly, and William has learned to read and write, as well as having made a special friend; the outgoing Zach Wrench.
Then William is summoned back to London and his mother, who has had a baby. Mrs Beech is stricter than ever, and is unable to come to terms with this more outspoken and healthy child. She locks him in a cupboard and leaves him with his baby sister. A month later, Tom sets out to find William, and finds him half dead and his baby sister dead. The authorites want William to move into a children’s home, but Tom wants William back in his life, and starts a tough battle to rescue him

  • Peter Larkin
  • Tom Oakley
  • William Beech
  • William Beech
  • Zach
  • George Fletcher
  • Ginnie
  • Carrie
  • George/Evacuee
  • George/Evacuee
  • Evacuee/SchoolCh
  • Evacuee/SchoolCh
  • Evacuee/SchoolCh
  • Bob Howell
  • Joshua Ord
  • Joshua Parker
  • Henry Farmer
  • Zach Jacques
  • Amelia Butterworth
  • Freya Griffiths
  • Harry Elderfield
  • Harry Whitehead
  • Jaime Morris
  • Luke Stansfield
  • Freddie Gorton
  • Mrs Hartridge
  • Mr Hartridge/Doctor
  • Charlie Ruddles
  • Mrs Fletcher
  • Mr Miller/Mr Stelton
  • Mrs Miller/Nurse
  • Vicar/Tickets/Police
  • Dr Little/ARP London
  • Mrs Beech
  • Glad/Billeting/Social
  • Miss Thorn/Sister
  • Pupetteer
  • Beckey Carney
  • Ryan Thompson
  • Brian Hunt
  • Emma Morris
  • Craig Harris
  • Eleanor Maxwell
  • Alan Carney
  • Paul Farmer
  • Rachel Hadjigeorgiou
  • Clodagh O’Flynn
  • Diane Manship
  • Abbie Jones

The Play runs from Saturday 11/11/2017 to Saturday 18/11/2017 (excluding Sunday 12/11/2017).

The Preview will be on Thursday 09/11/2017.

The Charity performance will be on Friday 10/11/2017.

Curtain up at 19.45.

There is a Matinee Performance on Saturday 11/11/2017 which starts at 2.00pm.

Tickets for the Matinee Performance will cost £5.00

Bookings from 03/11/2017 by contacting the box office in person, or by ‘phoning 01706 826760 between 19.00 and 20.00 Monday to Friday and between 10.00 and noon on Saturday.

Tickets can be obtained onlinenow, by clicking on online tickets

What it costs
Monday to Thursday £9.50
Friday and Saturday £10.00
Concessions (Monday only) £7.50
Preview £7.50
Preview (Students) £5.00