Hobson’s Choice

The youngest daughters of curmudgeonly bootmaker Hobson are anxious to marry and have eligible suitors who must wait until eldest daughter, practical-minded Maggie is promised in marriage. Maggie, however has other plans which include freedom from her father’s tyranny, a business and husband of her own. Her choice: Hobson’s shy apprentice Will Mossop.


Directed by Geoff Sword

The Play runs from Saturday 18/01/2020 to Saturday 25/01/2020 (excluding Sunday 19/01/2020).

The Preview will be on Thursday 16/01/2020

The Charity performance will be on Friday 17/01/2020

Curtain up at 19.45.


  • Alice
  • Maggie
  • Vickey
  • Albert Prosser
  • Hobson
  • Hepworth
  • Tubby Wadlow
  • Willie Mossop
  • Jim Heeler
  • Ada Figgins
  • Fred Beenstock
  • Macfarlane
  • Becki Carney
  • Andrea Parle
  • Lucy Unsworth
  • Josh Young
  • Bob Howell
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Paul Farmer
  • Chris Dunn
  • Ben Ventress
  • Abbie Jones
  • Stephen Davies
  • Chris White