Lighthearted Intercourse

Lighthearted Intercourse             21st April  to 25th April 2020


Just a year into marriage and with a young baby to care for, Joe is one of three million unemployed looking for work every day – when he’d much rather be spending time with his young wife, Madge. Both have secrets from their past that they are reluctant to share with each other, until an unexpected visitor appears who seems to know exactly what the future holds.

LIGHTHEARTED INTERCOURSE is a tender, funny and intimate portrayal of a young couple living in 1920s Bury, adjusting to married life and discussing their fears, anxieties and conflicting needs.

Directed by Steve Gill

The Play runs from Tuesday 21/04/2020 to Saturday 25/04/2020

Curtain up at 19.45.

This is a Studio Production

  • Joe
  • Marge
  • Visiter
  • Clara  (voice over)
  • Albert (voice over)
  • Stephen Davies
  • Mia Pencavel
  • Craig Harris
  • Nikki Sanderson
  • Steve Evets