One Man Two Guvnors v1

Reading for One Man two Guvnors – Wednesday 7th March at 19.30.







Cast requirements (although flexible with ages if in relation to each other) are:

CHARLIE “The Duck” Clench: a retired gangster. Age range: Somewhere in his fifties.
Physique: Can take care of himself in a fight. Character: faint menace behind shark-like
PAULINE: Clench’s daughter. Age range: twenties/ thirties. Physique: pretty, eyes
wide with wonder. Character: dim-witted, “the dumbest of blondes.”
ALAN DANGLE: a wannabe actor and Pauline’s fiancé. Age range: twenties/ thirties.
Physique: fancies himself a “star material type”. Character: an aspiring actor- dramatic
gestures and accentuated dialogue
HARRY DANGLE: Alan’s father. Age range: Somewhere in his fifties /sixties. Physique:
written as heavy set. Character: Clench’s crooked solicitor- dapper and faintly sleazy.
STANLEY STUBBERS: an upper-class criminal and Rachel’s lover. Age range: thirty
something. Physique: athletically built type. Character: Roscoe’s murderer. Strides
about with confidence. Lounge lizard type.
RACHEL CRABBE: Roscoe’s identical twin sister. Age range: twenties/early thirties.
Physique: pretending to be a man (her brother) Character: energetic and confident.
Gruff snarls pretending to be manly.
FRANCIS HENSHALL: a scheming assistant. Age range: thirty-something. Physique:
“cheeky and chubby”. Character: accidently employed by two masters. Always hungry.
Puppy, clumsy innocence with an infectious grin.
LLOYD BOATENG: Charlie’s friend- an ex-con turned pub owner. Age range: forties/
fifties. Physique: written as Jamaican with a shaved head. Character: Cheery smile. He
is also the pub’s chef.
DOLLY: Charlie’s secretary. Age range: twenties/ thirties. Physique: voluptuous.
Written with beehive hair. Character: flirtatious with a scarlet lipsticky grin over her
shoulder. Bossy. Wiggles on heels.
GARETH: head waiter at The Cricketers’ Arms. Age range: forties. Physique: “efficient
and streamlined”. Character: oversees operations with a flick of the wrist and a lifted
ALFIE: waiter. Age range: ancient Physique: hard of hearing and nearly blind.
Character: “cadaverous” – shuffles along, back bowed and bewildered.
ENSEMBLE: party guests, extra porters/waiters, passer-by, a vicar, policemen*
We could use existing actors with masks for these in a true homage to cimedie del Arte.
CHRISTINE PATTERSON- deliberately omitted from all cast and programme lists. This part is
flexible in terms of age and is paramount to the act one finale. She is sat in the audience and
is brought up by Francis to participate in a dinner scene- this gets very messy.

If anyone can’t make the reading date of Wednesday March 7th don’t worry, get in touch and we can sort something out- if it helps, here’s the cast list, hope to see you there ?