Dean – Madeleine Haworth (She/Her)

Josh – Ralph Botham (He/Him)

Kyle / Mum – Toby Edwards (He/Him)

Amy / Dad – Caitlin Embury (Any)

Laura – Sophia Wray (She/Her)

Dani – Sarah Murphy (She/Her)

James Dean – Cameron Watson (He/Him)

SMT / Doctors –

Ari Beck-Jones (They/Them)

Jaime Morris (She/Her)

Rebekah Martin (She/Her)

Georgia Horrocks (She/Her)


Director – Freddie Gorton (He/Him)

Asst.Director/Mentor – Jon Walker (He/Him)


Stage Manager – Lewis Nixon (He/Him)

Sound – Taylor Horrocks (He/Him) & Imogen Storer (She/Her)


Our first Studio production of the 2022-3 Season (in our newly re-vamped ‘Geoffrey Sword Studio’) is Pronoun by Evan Placey.  This play was written as part of the National Theatre project, where they invite ten writers to create new plays for young people to perform.  Accordingly, this play is brought to you by several members of our Young Company, along with actors from our adult membership.  Evan Placey also wrote ‘Girls Like That’ which was performed by us in our 2018-9 season and won ‘Best Play’ at the GMDF awards.

In this play, Pronoun, we meet childhood sweethearts Josh and Isabella, who were meant to spend their gap year and the rest of their lives together.  But, Isabella (now known as Dean) has now undergone gender transition.  However, the play is not just about exploring transgender issues… it challenges our very perception of gender as a whole.

Evan Placey’s writing compassionately and sensitively explores the impact of Dean’s decision on friends and family, ensuring no one’s feelings are pushed aside, whilst remaining squarely focused on Dean and what his journey is putting him through.  We see people around Dean trying to be supportive, but struggling with their own understanding of this new situation they have no choice but to face.  And we see Dean, raging quietly from within.  In Dean’s words “Tolerance isn’t good enough”.

This coming-of-age story is sad, painful, and at times beautiful, but always real, with believable conflict, endearing characters, heartwarming moments, and just the right amount of comedy, and Placey’s keen understanding of humanity is clearly demonstrated in this moving, not to be missed, play.  A beautiful story of confusion, expectations, disappointments but, above all, loyalty.

**TRIGGER WARNING** – Gender identity, Gender Dysphoria – see here for further information.

**CONTENT WARNING** – This play contains some strong language and references to sexual themes.

Dates: Friday 18 – Saturday 26 November 2022 (not including Sundays). 

 Directed by Freddie Gorton and Jon Walker


On behalf of the Society, we express our sincere thanks for their support to our Wardrobe Team (led by Jennifer Lee), and to our Chaperone Team (organised by Diane Gaunt and Siân Nixon).   Huge thanks also go to Stephen Davies and Ste Hopkins for their invaluable involvement and support in bringing this project to the stage.

This amateur production of “Pronoun” is presented by special arrangement with Nick Hern Books Ltd.