Hard To Swallow

Hard To Swallow

This play is based on Maureen Dunbar’s award-winning novel and subsequent film about her daughter, Catherine Dunbar, who died in 1984, after a seven year battle against anorexia nervosa.  She was just twenty-two.

Mark Wheeller’s stylised and potent docuplay uses the words from Catherine’s own diaries, as well as accounts from those most closely involved and affected.

Elegant, highly informative, powerful and imaginatively theatrical, we hear the tragic story of Catherine, and how her life and those around it was impacted by psychological trauma of the eating disorder.  Don’t miss this is beautifully tragic, potent and educational piece of live entertainment.


Directed by Gemma Walker



Play dates: Monday 16 to Saturday 21 October 2023, curtain up at 7.45pm. 


Trigger warnings advised: this play contains broght lights, smoke effects, scenes related to eating disorders, suicide and depression.  Please go to www.summerseatplayers.co.uk/trigger-warnings/ for more information and support.


HARD TO SWALLOW by Mark Wheeller is published by Salamander Street