The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

This November, join the four Pevensie children and travel through the wardrobe to the magical land of Narnia, wrapped in the grip of a wintry spell where for the last hundred years it has been always winter, always winter and never Christmas. In C.S. Lewis’ classic tale, written by Glyn Robbins journey with Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy and meet noble lions, friendly fauns, brave beavers, fierce wolves and a very icy witch.

This is a tale of family bonds, broken and re-formed, of betrayal and loyalty, of bravery and fear, of sacrifice and the battle between good and evil.
Suitable for young and old alike; all you’ll need is imagination, a sense of adventure and of course a ticket.

  • Elizabeth Dunn
  • Peter
  • Edmond
  • Susan
  • Lucy
  • The Professor
  • White Witch, Mrs. Mcready
  • Dwarf
  • Maugrim
  • Stephen Davies
  • Henry Farmer
  • Amelia Butterworth
  • Sophia Aspin
  • Peter Larkin
  • Holly Boland
  • Freddie Gorton
  • Stephen Claxon
  • Mr. Tumnus
  • Mr. Beaver
  • Mrs Beaver
  • Aslan
  • Leopards
  • Father Christmas
  • Second Wolf
  • Chris Dunn
  • Chris White
  • Toni Butterworth
  • Kevin Clarke, Paul Farmer, Dave Oliver

The Play runs from Saturday 10/11/2018 to Saturday 17/11/2018 (excluding Sunday 11/11/2018).

The Preview will be on Thursday 08/11/2018.

The Charity performance will be on Friday 09/11/2018.

Curtain up at 19.45.

Note:  There is a Matinee performance of this play on Saturday 10/11/2018

Bookings from 02/11/2018 by contacting the box office in person, or by ‘phoning 01706 826760 between 19.00 and 20.00 Monday to Friday and between 10.00 and noon on Saturday.

Tickets can be obtained online, now, by clicking on online tickets

What it costs
Monday to Thursday £10.00
Friday and Saturday £10.50
Concessions (Monday only) £8.00
Preview £8.00
Preview (Students) £5.00