“DOUBLE BILL” The Sociable Plover & Flying Ducks


Two men, one bird, big trouble…

Nothing will stop ROY TUNT from ‘twitching’ his birds. One more tick in his notebook and he’ll have recorded every bird on the British List.

With a packed lunch and a photograph of his ex-wife for company, Roy secretes himself in a timbered hide on flooded marshland, eager to welcome the elusive

Sociable Plover from the Asian Steppe.

Unbeknownst to him a very different visitor is about to appear; their arrival triggering a chain of unexpected, brutal – and devastating events.


World Premiere: Gala Night 12th September

Where there’s a will, there’s a woe…

At their late mother’s will reading, warring twin-sisters, JANINE and HILARY MC.MAHON, are horrified to learn that their endowment – a bequest in three sections – must be shared between them.

As the sisters kick off a crazed contest for the higher ground, ancient wounds are reopened and painful secrets emerge, not least the shocking reason for their falling out. Who will emerge victorious – if anyone?

Inspired by a true story, FLYING DUCKS probes the very notion of family, examining how profoundly formative childhood experiences can affect our adult lives.




Directed by Andrea Parle

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The Play runs from Saturday 12/09/2020 to Saturday 19/09/2020.