Youth Group

Summerseat Players Youth Group is a very popular part of our Theatre.  During term-time, we run weekly workshops on Saturday mornings, and we aim to put on a performance for the general public as least once a year.


We aim to give our Youth Group members experience of all aspects of Theatre, and develop their confidence and skills through a variety of different activities.  These activities can include exercises, improvisations or games, as well as scripted work.  We focus on clear speaking, stagecraft, mime, movement, characterisation and listening skills.

Members gain confidence through cooperating with fellow members & the group leaders, as well as in performing in front of others and taking responsibility for the backstage and technical aspects of putting on a play.

There will be at least one full production of a play (or other form of entertainment) each year, along with other opportunities to perform in front of an audience.  Should the plays staged by Summerseat Players (both Main Stage and Studio) require young people, we actively encourage our Youth Group members to audition and work with adults in one of those productions.

We also aim to enable visits to professional theatres where a suitable production and opportunity presents itself.  This will involve an extra cost and advance notice will be given.


Whilst we want members to enjoy themselves, good drama demands discipline and consideration for others.  This means that Youth Group members will be expected to enthusiastically participate in activities, and to conform to the requests of the group leaders without hesitation or argument.  We also expect all of our Society members to be considerate in their behaviour and attitude to other members.  We are proud to support equality and diversity throughout our Theatre.

Once a commitment is given to being part of a production then that production takes priority over ALL other extracurricular activities.  Attendance at rehearsals is expected.  A person may feel that they do not need to rehearse as they know their part, but others need to have them there in order for them to practice their parts.

Extra rehearsals will be called in addition to regular Youth Theatre meetings, especially close to performance dates.  If there is a particular problem, please discuss it with the group leader / producer of the show when casting is being done, or as soon as possible thereafter.  We reserve the right to change casting and even cancel membership should a member not comply with this requirement.

We also expect that our Youth Group members treat our Theatre respectfully and not put themselves or others at risk.


We will take every care to ensure that any member in attendance will be looked after properly.  This means that no Youth Group member will be allowed to leave the Theatre premises during the hours of the session, or rehearsal.  Should any a Youth Group member need to leave a session early for a particular reason we request prior notification from the parent or guardian.  Our Youth Group leaders are DBS checked.


We take membership applications for each new season from May onwards.  Please email to request an application form.