Death of a Salesman

Willy Loman has been a travelling salesman for 34 years and yet seems to have achieved very little.  As the play opens we discover Willy is now tired and disillusioned with his life and certain members of his family – working hard to support your family and being well liked doesn’t mean you achieve the American Dream.

Arthur Miller then takes us on a journey leading to disastrous circumstances.



  • Garyk Barnett
  • Willy
  • Biff
  • Linda
  • Happy
  • Bernard
  • The Woman
  • Charley
  • Simon Pierce
  • Richard Higson
  • Sue Gill
  • David Oliver
  • Stephen Davies
  • Kathryn Bland
  • Geoff Sword
  • Uncle Ben
  • Howard
  • Jenny
  • Miss Forsyth
  • Stanley
  • Letta
  • Alan Carney
  • Chris Balmer
  • Zoe Molyneux
  • Georgie Stephens
  • Noel Hurley
  • TBA